Server administration

Deployment and configuration of (server) systems

We offer consultations to our customers regarding the purchase of server equipment; moreover, we can purchase the equipment for them according to their needs. Deployment and configuration of the ENTIRE server software and hardware, of network equipment (e.g. firewall), load balancers etc. can be implemented as well.


Among the services that Ocpea offers is also server virtualization. Virtualizing servers saves on equipment, reduces the customer’s company’s carbon footprint and helps with disaster recovery. It has the potential to improve management efficiency, hardware and staff utilization, and scalability. Precisely the solutions based on virtualization are most frequently suggested to our customers, and even skeptic IT managers are among its greatest fans.

The company has an abundance of experience with deployment and maintenance of virtualized systems, primarily with VMWare products (VMWare Server, VMWare ESX (i)Server, VMWare Infrastructure 3). We also offer Operating System-Level Virtualization (e.g. FreeBSD Jails), depending on the customer needs.

Maintenance and support of server systems

Maintenance and support of systems – software and hardware – are also on our list of services. We monitor the system and fix errors by taking into account agreed response time and error criticality. We are flexible in terms of response time, meaning that we also offer 24/7 support if necessary. We also deploy patch systems that enable automatic system updates.

Systems and technologies we specialise in

  • *BSD, Linux and Solaris operating systems
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
  • Tomcat and Jboss application servers
  • Postfix email server
  • VMWare products (VMWare Server, VMWare ESX (i)Server, VMWare Infrastructure 3)
  • PHP Systems (APC, Zend Guard...)
  • Apache, IIS, Ngix web servers
  • Plone and Mambo content management systems etc.