Leadership at Ocpea

Leadership is always important, but it has never mattered more than nowadays. At Ocpea, management and leadership complement each other. The role of leaders is to build a sense of mission, encourage others to join them in that mission, create a flexible social architecture for their followers, spread trust and optimism, recognize the leadership potential in other people and obtain positive results in accordance with Ocpea’s vision and values.

Company Milan Pevec is one of the co-founders of Ocpea company. At Asolsme Group where he worked under excellent guidance, he began to introduce agile philosophy. Agile philosophy is at the core of Ocpea company today, encompassing all areas of its business, including the company's management. Mr. Pevec says: "This approach brings together responsive and collaborative people to focus on demonstrable and concrete small goals. In this respect it moves away from the big-plan-based approach, which can create obstacles to the timely identification of opportunities and solutions."

Milan Pevec spreads his positive energy and optimism to everyone around him - in both his professional and private life. He is very passionate and sincere about everything he does and shows real excitement about his work. He is committed to constant learning and personal growth and is happiest when the people around him feel the same way. His colleagues and customers emphasize his ability to get the job done. He knows how to put decisions into action and how to push them forward to completion. At the end of the day, only results matter.

Blog: milanpevec.com

Company While Mr. Pevec personifies company's agility, Mr. Jurij Kovačič, Ocpea's second co-founder, stands for company's commitment to security. Not afraid of making tough "yes" or "no" decisions without unnecessary hesitation, as well as always accepting the responsibility for them afterwards, the two characteristics that best describe Mr. Kovačič are edge and integrity.

With over 9 years' experience in web application development and server administration, including his role as CSO for a popular Slovenian web portal MED.OVER.NET and software projects by Asolsme Group, he gives special emphasis to overall security of end-products on all OSI layers. Not surprisingly, he is also a big fan of *BSD operating systems, which are well known for their security and stability in production environments. "Our passion for technical innovation on one hand, as well as commitment to security and stability on the other ensure that our customers always get a stable, secure, production-ready product of the highest quality with the lowest possible TCO."