Server administration

Business process management/re-engineering (BPM/BPR).

Customers' business success does not depend only on the business itself. It also depends on the companies with whom they co-operate, their business partners, suppliers, employees, sub-contractors ... and ultimately on their customers. All players must speak the same language no matter where they are at a certain moment. In order to thrive in a heterogeneous business environment, an organization needs efficient management of business processes.


Ocpea provides comprehensive services to its customers.

  • Processes are developed according to customers' needs , they will cover everything from use of their business phone to client relations.
  • Customers' business processes are analyzed and improved where necessary (business process re-engineering); they are also transferred to the platform (informatized)
  • Full support relating to our services (e.g. support application development) is available upon request

Source: (2009). "JBoss jBPM 3.1 Userguide". JBoss Documentation.

JBoss jBPM and SEAM

Ocpea uses the jBPM platform in combination with the SEAM framework for the management of business processes.