Introducing Ocpea

Software development has no doubt, revolutionised the way companies plan, operate and win in today's competitive global business environment. However, very few business concerns derive the envisaged benefits of their investments in technology and automation. Not only do they implement the same software development practices that were used in the 1980s but their increased reliance on prescriptive, plan-based, waterfall methods often fails to achieve real value delivery in a timely fashion.

We at Ocpea, understand these concerns very well. Our philosophy revolves around 'Agile Sofware Development' while placing due importance to Security and Agility to ensure that your software deployments exceed your needs and help you win time and a gain.

Definition of the term 'agile'

The term 'agile' mainly refers to three things:

  • a set of best engineering practices that allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software
  • a project management process that encourages frequent inspection and adaptation
  • a leadership philosophy that encourages team spirit and accountability.

Agile processes allow our team to tailor its actions to changing demands of customers while creating a positive working environment attracting top employees.